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  • The purpose-driven life: How to identify what you want and how to go after it.
  • Flip the switch: How people grow businesses.
  • From the ground up: Lay the foundation to see fast and sustainable results.
  • It's non-negotiable: Stop spinning and take control of your life.



Do you know you are meant for more… but just cant figure out where to start?

The Results Map is your solution!

Your Purpose. Your Plan. Your Possibilities.

Grow BIGGER than you ever imagined!

Individual biz growth programs

The Results Map

Biz life + Personal Life = ONE (Yes one) Life! Stop chasing it all and start living...with results! You will be guided through strategic exercises to clear the clutter in every area of your life and start seeing BIG results in less time. Live a blissful life in every area of your life and yes, you will sleep again too!

  • 2 hour discovery session with pre-work and account set up
  • 4: 2-hour Intensive session with The Results Map program: focusing on business and life strategies to get what you want, through perspective, strategy, boundaries, time management and people to get results fast.
  • 4 hours of follow-up for review of Strategic Plans with next steps and questions.
  • Unlimited email access for questions and support
  • The Results Map book and workbook
  • BONUS: The Results Map weekly action plan
  • The Results Map program is a 3 - 4 month program

The Starting Point

Tired of hitting walls, trying to be everything to everyone? Do you understand who you serve or what you want to accomplish? Let’s go back to the drawing board. A clear understanding of the foundation of your biz will be a game changer...with less time and big results!

  • 2 hour discovery session with pre-work
  • 2: 2 hour intensives covering: Clarify (and own) your purpose, establish who you serve, messaging, establish your buckets of biz, pricing and packaging, tools necessary to grow your biz and the right people to make it happen
  • 4 hours of follow-up
  • Unlimited email access for questions and support
  • The Starting Point Workbook
  • The Results Map Book
  • BONUS: The Results Map weekly action plan
  • The Starting Point is a 2-3 month program

Group biz growth programs

Strategy and Mentoring

  • Individual & Group Coaching based on programs listed above
  • Process & Strategy Development
  • Leadership Team Development

Workshop & Webinar Topics

  • Workshops are from 4 hours to 2 days
  • Webinars are in series, from 4 – 6 sessions
  • Pre-work accompanies each session
  • The Results Map Program
  • The Starting Point Program
  • Team Building




The Results Map takes a new approach to planning and increasing outcomes while transforming executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to a life of balance and ultimate success. Learn steps to adopt each principle, change behaviors and achieve the results that will catapult your business to a new level.

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The Results Map for Women in Biz will guide you through strategic exercises to identify your purpose, your plan and your possibilities in every area of your life. Start seeing BIG results in less time while living a blissful life.

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